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Memories of Christmas

Memories of Christmas

Por :Tere Guaty DeWitt


Author: Tere Guaty DeWitt

It’s the night before Christmas.

At the stroke of midnight

Something magical happens

When I closed my eyes

I’m only just seven, and it’s Christmas Morn

And I run to the tree, full of wonder and joy

With what pleasure I stare! Oh, such toys I found!

As I look at my sisters as we race with delight

Oh Look Mami, look Daddy, what Santa has brought!

As we open the gifts with incredible rush

Our home filled with laughter, our hearts full of joy

So this lovely memory stayed deep in my heart

The Christmas I recapture by closing my eyes

 Photo and poem: Tere Guaty DeWitt

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Where is the line to see Jesus?

Becky Kelley ~ Where’s the Line to See Jesus (Christmas song)

A gift from Dulcita and Puchy

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All about Christmas, by Maxine…….

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The evolution of Father Christmas

The evolution of Father Christmas.

By:  Tere Guaty DeWitt

 Father Christmas: We can track Father Christmas origin since the fifteenth Century in England when “Sir Christemas” appear in a Christmas carol; but not until the seventeenth Century when Ben Johnson’s Carol “Old Captaine Christemas” performed to the court in December 1616 that Father Christmas stared to become popular, much to the dismay of the Puritans that tried to eliminate the character, but no mater how they tried they fail to stop his popularity.

 In the Nineteenth Century, Father Christmas benefited from the Victorian revival of Christmas and can be found in Dickens’s the “Ghost of Christmas Present is Father Christmas”.1843s.

Father Christmas became the emblem of good cheer; his character took a variety of looks changing according to the offerings, such as Music, Health, Wealth and Joy. He was dress in a dark green or white suit, with white fur and either a green and white hat or a crown of holy on his head. Toward the end of the 1870’s his role change once again, becoming at this time a more familiar character as a children’s gift giver emulating the European St. Nicholas and the American Santa Claus (1773-1793)

 St. Nicholas: Before the ninth century tales of feats about Nicholas stared to evolve. As a young priest Nicholas protected and saved three maidens from forcefully earning a living as prostitutes by throwing into their windows purses of gold on three consecutive days providing each of them with the dowry necessary for a good marriage. Hence the custom of giving gifts associated with him. He dedicated his life to the church and protecting young girls and children’s. He later became the Saint of marines, thieves, virgins and children.

 In 1003 Vladimir Duke of Russian (KIEV) became familiar with the Saint story while visiting Constantinople. Upon his return to Russia he made St. Nicholas his country patron saint. Immediately after, St. Nicholas became extraordinarily popular with the people resulting with the syncretization of St. Nicholas with the existing Russian winter folk Spirit “Father Frost”. Father Frost has a long white beard, is dressed in furs and drives a sled drawn by reindeer.

Father Frost and Kritkindlein (Christ Child) later became Kris Kingle in 1842 in the USA.

 The first recorded  post- repeal celebration in the United State was in 1686, with Congress declaring Christmas a national holiday in 1875

 Santa Claus: The first documented reference associating Santa Claus with Christmas rather that Father Christmas, Father Frost or St. Nicholas was Dec 25th 1821 with this poem by William B. Gilley.

A Children’s Friend”

Old Santeclaus with much delight

His reindeer drives this frosty night

O’er chimney tops, and tracks of snow,

To bring his yearly gift to you….

Each Christmas eve he joys to come

Where love and peace home made their home

 Between 1804 and 1821 Santa Claus started to look more like the Dutch “Suter Claes” dress in fur in the landscaping of the artic with reindeers. The first illustration of Santa Claus by Nast was in 1863, his attired this time was a star spangle jacket and strips pants, looking very American almost like a happy Uncle Sam. But in 1931 Coca-Cola launched a marketing campaign that would forever revolutionize the look of Christmas. Archie Lee of the D’Arcy Advertising Agency proposed a realistic, modern looking Santa Claus with red cheeks and wrinkles around the eyes, but vital and jolly.

That Holiday Promotion gave us the Modern Santa Claus.

The Coca-Cola Santa Claus created by artist Haddon Sunblom, had its debut in 1931 in The Saturday Evening Post



A figure that symbolize the innocence of children and the wonder of a magic night.  

Do you believe in Santa Claus? I do, I see it in the eyes of my grandchildren, and the joy in their heart.

To all the children still inside of all of us.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

May Santa bring you and yours, joy and love this Holiday Season


 Santa Claus 2009

Reference: Wikipedia 

“Tidings of the Season”

“Tidings of the Season” 

 As we go thru our early years we have this devil may care attitude, we are full of life, feel pretty sure of ourselves and even feel invincible.

We will live forever, not us, not now.  We hold on to the sweetness of living and all the wonders that surround us. We know it will happen, but not now.

As the years pass, we become aware of mortality, most of the time because we have lost someone we knew, someone close to us, or someone very dear to us.  Some of them were acquaintances, older and distant relatives. Some losses were too close for comfort others took our breath away and broke our hearts forever.  All of these losses, even those that were expected came as a shock.  We just didn’t think it would be today; we needed another day, another hug.

 So I say to all of you, there is no better joy, no safer place than family and good friends. Hold your children close, tell them you love them and how very proud you are of them and do it often. Look at your better half and show him or her, love, respect and kindness. Never forget to tell them how important they are to you and the happiness they bring to your life. Don’t wait; there is no time like the present.

 So, during this very special Christmas Season, Let’s take from the words our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ left behind.  Let’s show each other that we have learned from his life example, that the lessons were not forgotten, that the years have made us wiser and lastly, that his sacrifice was not in vain and our hearts rejoice with his birth, his resurrection and his love for us all.  

 Hold dear to our Christian beliefs, values and traditions, it’s our Saviors’ birthday; it’s a Manger, it’s a Christmas tree. Do not be passive, shout at the top of your voice for all to hear that we were founded on Judea Christian values, we exists, but by the love and grace of God and we are proud of this and are not afraid to show it, political correctness has never been shown to any of us.  So shout for all to hear the good tidings of the season and wish one and all a Very Merry Christmas!   

 Puchy Guaty Lotz

~December 1, 2009 


 Seville Baroque school of painting.

The Christmas Tree in the United States of America

The Grove Tree:

Martin Luther and his family admiring the Xmas tree

The Christmas tree  has an ancient history many centuries before The Messiah was born. The veneration and worship of trees as reincarnated dead human beings is as ancient as Babylon, the beginning of false religion.In the Bible, the worship of these sacred trees is called the worship of the grove.
  There are  many legends surrounding the origin of evergreens and other forms of decorations for the season. Through the years ancient rituals from Greece, Egypt and Rome, France, Germany and Scandinavia, customs using evergreens and other forms of greenery have contributed and transformed into what we now call the Christmas tree.

Not all of the stories came from paganism. It is also told that Martin Luther began the tradition of decorating trees. One cold Christmas eve, around the year 1500, as he walked through snow-covered woods, he was struck by the beauty of the small evergreens, seeing the branches heavy with snow, shining in the moonlight. Once home he set up a small fir tree indoors to share this story with his children. They decorated it with candles, and lighted them in honor of Christ’s birth.

Several cities in the United States lay claim to that country’s first Christmas tree. We must also add to these wonderful stories, one that shows American ingenuity and entrepreneurship. Credited with the Christmas tree market back in 1851, was a Catskill farmer by the name of Mark Carr. The story says that he hauled two ox sleds of evergreens to New York City and sold them all.

Around 1900, most American families decorated a Christmas tree, and within the next 20 years it became the custom of the season. From these and so many other legends and stories our own tradition of the Christmas tree have developed and grown. There isn’t a more wonderful sight that a lighted Christmas tree with the beautiful and peaceful Manger by its side during our blessed Christmas season.

Puchy Guaty Lotz ~ December 6, 2009

Reference: David Robson