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Anthony Alexanian: Media romanticize troubled dictatorship


By:Anthony Alexanian


As a Cuban-born American, I have no strong view for or against President Obama’s establishing full diplomatic relations with Cuba (“Voices around New England,” July 8).

However, the romanticized extended health care is dismal for most Cubans and education is used as a tool to indoctrinate Cuban youth. In reality, only the influential have access to good health care. In addition, what is the benefit of universal literacy when Cuban citizens are not allowed to read materials of their choice or express their thoughts freely?

Cuba may have been a mecca of gambling  before Fidel Castro. However, the gamblers were foreigners, mainly Americans, and money invested in the Cuban economy gave rise to prosperity for many, making Cuba the “Pearl of the Antilles,” as Christopher Columbus named it.

Today prostitution in Cuba is rampant and is a financial necessity even for women with university degrees.

Anthony Alexanian


And the winner is…..

Yolanda Rodríguez Zayas- Bazán
It never ceases to amaze me how those proponents of investments and relations with the Island use the same terms as the Castro regime to describe those of us who disagree with their views in so far as the one sided negotiations with the Castro regime. They use words such as hate, revenge, get even attitude, anger, simply because we have a different perspective in dealing with a regime that has only one goal in mind to survive, not to benefit in any way shape or form the Cuban people. When you listen to those who really seem to know what they are talking about, are well informed and are not invested in making money with the Cuban tragedy speaking about these negotiations they, invariably, compare it to the Iran deal. The eagerness of this administration to achieve what they perceive to be an «Oscar on their mantle of legacies» is so intense they will stop at nothing, will ask for nothing and will give away whatever is demanded in order to hear the coveted announcement: «AND THE WINNER IS» ……… (and let the losers eat cake)
MGuatyMarrero para Cjaronu

 Obama and Cuba              Moorad Alexanian, 

untitledHaving been born in Cuba, I am somewhat ambivalent about President Obama’s establishing full diplomatic relations with Cuba. At best, Cuba can become a facsimile of today’s Russia and at worst a carbon copy of present-day communist China.

How else can you make sense of Raúl Castro thanking Obama – who reaffirmed continued communist rule in Cuba? A corollary to this political stand is the denial of Cubans of free access to the Internet («Young Cubans establish secret computer network,» ).

What is more disturbing to me – as an American citizen – is seeing the realization of the promise made by Obama prior to his election: «We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America» (Oct. 30, 2008).

Even after the resounding Republican takeover of Congress in the 2014 midterm elections, Obama continues to govern by either presidential memoranda and/or executive orders.

Is not this the form of government we want to eliminate in Cuba? Go figure.

Moorad Alexanian,


MGuatyMarrero para Cjaronu

Cuban exile immigration

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Professor Amy Chua of the Yale law school and her husband Jed Rubenfeld (a fellow Yale law professor) have written what may turn out to be the best book of this year. It is titled «The Triple Package» because it argues that three qualities are found in spectacularly successful groups in America. These three qualities, they say, are a superiority complex, insecurity and impulse control.

Some immigrant groups have risen spectacularly, even when they arrived here with very little money and sometimes with little knowledge of English.

Other groups that have risen dramatically over the years include Mormons, immigrants from India and Iran, and refugees who fled Cuba when Fidel Castro took over there, back in 1958.

Those Cubans had to leave most of their wealth behind and, even when they had been doctors or other professionals in Cuba, they had to start out at the bottom in America, «crammed into small apartments and became dishwashers, janitors, and tomato pickers.» But, by 1990, Cuban American households had middle class incomes twice as often as Anglo Americans.

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