Memories of Christmas

Memories of Christmas

Por :Tere Guaty DeWitt


Author: Tere Guaty DeWitt

It’s the night before Christmas.

At the stroke of midnight

Something magical happens

When I closed my eyes

I’m only just seven, and it’s Christmas Morn

And I run to the tree, full of wonder and joy

With what pleasure I stare! Oh, such toys I found!

As I look at my sisters as we race with delight

Oh Look Mami, look Daddy, what Santa has brought!

As we open the gifts with incredible rush

Our home filled with laughter, our hearts full of joy

So this lovely memory stayed deep in my heart

The Christmas I recapture by closing my eyes

 Photo and poem: Tere Guaty DeWitt

Published by MGuatyMarrero

11 Respuestas a “Memories of Christmas

  1. ¡Lindo Sis! me llevaste de la mano a viajar en el tiempo a una época de inocencia.

  2. Puchy Guaty Lotz

    Sis! Every time I see my lovely Tatisons run to the lighted tree on Christmas morning, I feel the wonder you so beautifully write on your poem. You made me go back to the loving memories of those precious Christmas mornings.

    Love You,

  3. Tere Guaty DeWitt

    Thank you, these are the sweet memories we will always share. Three little girls jumping on their parent’s bed while they pretended to sleep, screaming at them to wake up, Santa was here, Santa was here, I still can hear our happy voices.
    Thank you for being such incredible sisters, and my best friends

  4. Awwww… so sweet. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful and close family!
    Excellent job Tere, I can picture you all on that Christmas Morning as if I were there!

  5. Tere Guaty DeWitt

    Oh that is my niece!!! I love you too sweetheart,
    Tia Tere

  6. Tere, Tere, eres todo poesia,tus palabras enternecen y me enorgullecen de contar con tu amistad.Que Dios te siga manteniendo ese espiritu jovial y con tanto carino para dar
    Un abrazo

  7. Tere Guaty DeWitt

    Gracias Andres, para mi es un gran orgullo contar con tu amistad

  8. Beautiful Tere ! Las tres hermanas poetas, quien diria ? Margarita is smiling from above.
    Un beso,

  9. Tere Guaty DeWitt

    Gracias Lilly, Mami y Papi han sido nuestra inspiracion. Muchos besos

  10. Elsa M. Rodriguez

    Por lo que se ve la familia Guaty es muy creativa. Muy bonito el poema y muy tierno también. Felicidades.

  11. Beaitiful!

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