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Making nice with Cuba is a high price to pay for winter sun


Re: Cuba’s No Paradise, Christie Blatchford, Sept. 1
I guess ruining misery is objectionable for many Canadians regarding the United States normalizing relations with Cuba. This “paradise” has been under the iron fist of a manipulating despot and his brother for close to half a century (yes, that sure is the definition of democracy). The people have been suffering economically for decades and many of its political prisoners remain in gulags, not counting the ones taken out to be shot.

The health-care system is vastly overrated with many shortages all over the island, of course, with the exception of the Castro palatial grounds which are state of the art. People snitch on others and the secret police continue to instill fear in the population.

If not for Venezuelan oil in return for Cuban military support, the island would be completely destitute. Maybe it all boils down to a lot of people up here fearing not being able to get such a cheap fun in the sun destination in winters to come.
Stephen Flanagan, Ottawa.