When the U.S. was a “tourist playground” for Cubans

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vacations3cuba1950sWhen the U.S. was a “tourist playground” for Cubans (you read right right.)– WARNING! This wasn’t shown in Godfather 2!)

MGM- Since Fidel Castro took power, Cuba was internationally known , as “the American borthel”, thanks to the Cuban government  propaganda. but…. Let,s read:

habana-22It was only in 1953 that the tide switched. Up until that year more Cubans had annually vacationed in the U.S. than did Americans in Cuba.( As befit this nation that boasted a larger middle-class than much of Europe at the time.) Tens of thousands of Cubans KEPT vacationing in the U.S. after 1953–but a SLIGHTLY larger number of Americans then started vacationing in Cuba.

But–per person– these American vacationers to Cuba spent LESS money on gambling in the (relative few) Cuban casinos than most Americans spend on gambling in Las Vegas)…..


This datum (so INFURIATING (!!!) to Castro and his network of agents-of-influence .

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