The monster disappears

Translation by: Mario Espinosa Jr.
The monster disappears 
The phone rings in the middle of the night,
Half asleep I hear a voice that I barely recognize in that moment.
He says to me, «Maggie, Fidel is dead.»
Really it didn’t shock me since I had been waiting for it for so long ;
And I made a connection with the early morning of January 1st (1959) when a friend knocked on the  door of our house in Jaronú announcing to our father that Batista had gone.
Many emotions gather together in my chest and our story plays like a horror film in front of my eyes.
So much damage he has done to us and for so long.
He froze Cuba in the year 1960, he impoverished the island, destroying without building for 57 years.
Nothing will probably change in Cuba but how many martyrs have fallen, how many families have been separated, how much repression, how much poverty and how much hopelessness; all of it created by this man.
I only feel great sadness for not being able to live this moment together with my husband of 56 and a half years because he passed in January.
Lord take pity on our island and bring changes now that you have taken away the monster.
Ps: This  was written at 1:56 am, right after she got the call about Fidel ….

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