A Cuban- American General, José Monteagudo named commander of the detention center at Guantánamo

Miami-based former American Airlines pilot to run Guantánamo prison

José Monteagudo hijo de Chila y Eduardo Monteagudo.


Brig. Gen. Jose R. Monteagudo, becomes the 15th commander of the detention center of 116 captives and 2,000 staff members next week. He’s deputy director of operations at Southcom where, Army Col. Lisa Garcia said Thursday, he served as Marine Gen. John F. Kelly’s “lead for oversight of detention operations” at Guantánamo for nearly two years. The general, who is a qualified F-16 pilot, was employed by American Airlines from 1998 until 2013 and likewise qualified to fly 777s, 767s and 757s. Monteagudo was not flying on Sept. 11, 2001, Garcia said.

 He becomes the first Air Force officer to command the detention center that opened Jan. 11, 2002 at Camp X-Ray and has across the years held at least 780 captives.
Monteagudo is expected to take up residence at the remote base in southeast Cuba into the fall. He is a 1988 nuclear engineering graduate of the University of Florida who joined the military through ROTC and has flown more than 3,700 F-16 hours including 130 combat missions, according to his official biography. His decorations and photos released by the Pentagon suggest he served in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm and also flew missions in Operation Iraqi Freedom. President Barack Obama nominated him togethisstar inNovember 2013.Mostofhiswork,however, hasbeen incommandcapacitiesoutoftheHomesteadAir Reserve Base — between 1997 and 2011.Monteagudo is a 1998 graduate of Sunset High School and received an MBA from Northwestern University.

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5 Respuestas a “A Cuban- American General, José Monteagudo named commander of the detention center at Guantánamo

  1. Mis primos muy orgullosos de los logros de José me uno a Udes. Como siempre los quiero mucho.

  2. dulcerosadoguaty

    Que orgullosas nos sentimos del General Jose Monteagudo, hijo de aquel muchahito que jugaba con nosotros en el parque del Central Jaronu, Eduardo Monteagudo y su de esposa Mariana (Chila).
    Muchas felicidades para todos,

  3. Luciano Garibaldi

    Felicidades. Motivo de orgullo para todos.

  4. Mariana Monteagudo

    Muchas gracias por sus felicitaciones, pidámosle al Sr. que lo acompañe una vez más en esta nueva misión . Toda la familia estamos muy orgullosos de sus logros.

  5. Todo un orgullo Cubano- Americano! En ese orden.

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