Are they willing to share a piece of the cake?

1901302_10203311176287239_479807445_nYolanda Rodriguez Zayas-Bazán

Despite the existence of the embargo, the United States is the fifth largest exporter to Cuba (6.6% of Cuba’s imports are from the US). However, Cuba must pay cash for all imports, as credit is not allowed, reason why Obama wants to take Cuba off the list of terrorist countries. They will then have access to international credits and will not be obligated to pay cash. There are currently an estimated 4,500 companies from more than 100 countries that «do business in the Republic of Cuba» within such categories as importing to, exporting from, providing services to, or having investments within the Republic of Cuba.*

This is the sad story of what the Castro government has turned our country into, nothing more than a luscious, extremely appetizing «CAKE». A land desired to be devoured by every body and it’s mother with each one wanting a piece of it or, if possible, a larger slice. Is it so difficult to see how the Cuban people fit into the scheme of things?, do you even think all these hungry, powerful, ambitious entities find themselves considering, as history claims Marie Antoinette Queen of France said: «Let them eat cake»?. Really!, do you believe they are willing to share a piece of «THE CAKE» with them when their own government doesn’t do it or even care?….Please!!10391423_10206238144099605_7576685295330811006_n

*You can find this list in Goggle (list of companies doing business with Cuba) under the heading: Non-United States companies in Cuba.

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