Charter schools get results

Charter schools get results

untitledBy: Moorad Alexanian

At times, it is hard to understand the logic behind opposition to charter schools,

The essence of schools is to educate students of useful knowledge that would allow them to become positive elements in our society.

Of course, some schools have to be tailored to differing student preparation – much of which should have been learned at healthy home environments.

Charter schools offer that flexibility and opportunity instead of the public schools system – a centralized form of education that has failed.

If charter schools can accomplish the task at a much lower cost to taxpayers than public schools and someone is making a profit, what is wrong with that?

Let the parents decide which school to send their children. After all parents are the taxpayers.

Anything centralized is doomed to fail. Witness countries where a handful of people ran the show, e.g., Cuba, the former Soviet Union, East Germany, North Korea, etc. Total failures.

It is incredible that some people associate the failure of our president not to his incompetence and lack of leadership but because he does not hold all the reins of power. They want to give our president more power. Go figure.

Moorad Alexanian, Wilmington


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