Cuban exile immigration

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Professor Amy Chua of the Yale law school and her husband Jed Rubenfeld (a fellow Yale law professor) have written what may turn out to be the best book of this year. It is titled «The Triple Package» because it argues that three qualities are found in spectacularly successful groups in America. These three qualities, they say, are a superiority complex, insecurity and impulse control.

Some immigrant groups have risen spectacularly, even when they arrived here with very little money and sometimes with little knowledge of English.

Other groups that have risen dramatically over the years include Mormons, immigrants from India and Iran, and refugees who fled Cuba when Fidel Castro took over there, back in 1958.

Those Cubans had to leave most of their wealth behind and, even when they had been doctors or other professionals in Cuba, they had to start out at the bottom in America, «crammed into small apartments and became dishwashers, janitors, and tomato pickers.» But, by 1990, Cuban American households had middle class incomes twice as often as Anglo Americans.

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4 Respuestas a “Cuban exile immigration

  1. Roberto Delgado

    Sorry profe but in our case superiority is not a complex, they should consider the «do-anything-to-get-ahead-attitude» that we brought with us and still cultivate. Insecurity and impulse control ?? Surely not talking about Cubans.
    I didn’t graduate from Yale, don’t even know where it is (ha, ha), but full immersion and a lot of hard work almost guarantees success to the willing immigrants.

  2. I think we have a little of that superiority complex, and is not a bad complex to have, pero te digo que alguno de nosotros se le ha elevado a la máxima potencia y no hay quién los soporte,

  3. Luciano Garibaldi

    Todo resultado de mucho sudor y dolores de espalda de tanto trabajar, y sin complejos.

  4. Sin Complejos, muy importante

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