“Oh, my aching…”

“Oh, my aching…”

By Puchy


I never considered myself a couch potato, more like a semi active person; working, participating and helping with the care of my grandchildren, riding a bike when weather permits and loved gardening in spring and summer; that’s being somewhat active, right? Retirement is here to stay and the grandkids are in school, so I decided it was time to get moving and join a gym. What could be easier, I’m already in pretty good shape… Hmmmm!

So, my friend and I drove to the closest gym; our requirements were few. Mainly, a reasonable distance since that would be an incentive to visit often!  We never thought that our visit would be humbling, but rather only a step toward getting fit and looking fabulous, since we already looked pretty damn good… Hmmmm!

We arrived at our destination smiling from ear to ear and determined to succeed. We walked thru the gym’s door to be immediately impressed and intimidated because it’s grand. We have never seen so many complicate machines as well as sweating male bodies in our lives.

Oh dear… I don’t know about this, it has been a long time since I saw a sweating body, much less these many, could this be healthy…?!

At this point we are looking pretty much like outsiders, which we are, and way too much out of place. Without even realizing we are both inching our way towards the door; our frozen smiles saying, don’t mind us, we are having serious second thoughts and need to find a comfort zone as close as possible to the exit. Help arrived in the form of a very polite and handsome young man, I think he could tell what we were thinking because he maneuvered us away from the door and very friendly like begins to talk to us, mostly saying, relax ladies, it’s a gym, not the twilight zone!

I finally came out of my stupor and started asking questions while getting a bit more comfortable with the idea; by the way, my friend was not saying much, only… “If you join, so will I”, okay…I think I will. So we both signed up and made appointments for our first session to evaluated and teach us the purpose of the terrifying machines which at plain sight look like it would hurt just standing next to them… we both stood at a sensible distance.

Push forward a few months and many private sessions and visits to this chamber of horror I find myself committed too, and I’m convinced that there is not a spot in my body that have not been hurt and probably damaged for life.  But, as they say, “Every cloud has a silver lining”.

 First week I could hardly command my legs to allow me to sit down, I soothed myself thinking that it was a fact that standing burns more calories that sitting. Following week, my middle section felt like it was on fire, so I didn’t have much appetite and ended up loosing a couple of pounds. Next, we did that interesting arm and chest workout… Wow I said, that really felt great… but the euphoria only lasted till I arrived home and realized that I couldn’t open the car door because I was numb from the neck to the waist; this too, proved to be a good thing since by being numb I felt no pain, neither was I able to open the refrigerator door and lost a few more pounds that week as well. Boy, that cliché is so true, “No pain, no gain”, but does it have to hurt this much!

Never have I been willing to give up on anything I have set my mind to do, working through these challenges is indeed an effort and I can happily report that the “misery zone”, have been conquered, well, not all of it, just the area that takes your breath away and makes one wonder… what the heck was I thinking?

Every week requires a commitment to work even harder than the week before; doing more sets, lifting heavier weighs, allowing for new routines that would have been impossible just a month ago, not perfect from the get go, but confidence in accomplishing the task. Muscle stress is inevitable, soreness is a sign that the work-outs are paying off while getting stronger and healthier. And to think…»I’ve only just begun”!

 ~ Puchy Guaty Lotz

 June 17, 2013

Cartoon by:  clipartof.com

Publishe by M. Guaty Marrero for Cjaronu

9 Respuestas a ““Oh, my aching…”

  1. Luis Aguilar León dijo una vez, … Me desperté una mañana y no me dolía nada… pensé que me había muerto…

  2. Este escrito no tiene desperdicio, me he reido ¡muchísimo! . ¡Great workout!

  3. olga xiomara perez beruff

    Leyendo el escrito de Puchy me record el dia que Gonza y yo fuimos a inscribirnos en el Gym. A mi me paso lo mismo cuando entre, me quede en estado de shock pero despues que sobrepasamos ese momento ya, como que MAS O MENOS estamos hacienda algo por la patria. Lo unico que no he bajado ni una lb. ni 1 pulgada

  4. Tere Guaty DeWitt

    OMG! This is the funniest description of a novice first few weeks at a Gym I have ever read.
    I’m laughing my head off, I can see you slowing trying to open the refrigerator door while all your muscles are screaming in pain.
    But all joking aside, good for you Sis, it takes a lot of discipline and guts, to do what you are doing, proud of you.

  5. Puchy…..I am already tired after reading your ordeal !!!

  6. Good for you Puchita……….wish you can keep it up – for me, these places are forbidden…LOL

  7. Mariana Monteagudo

    Mi historia es mas triste todavía, me regalaron una bicicleta de hacer ejercicios, yo estaba de lo mas contenta porque podía hacerlos en la comodidad de la casa .El primer dia todo fue bien pero el segundo sentí un dolor en la pierna izquierda que me hizo parar. Parece que la extendí demasiado. Resultado se me rasgo el menisco de la rodilla y me tienen que hacer cirugía la semana próxima. Con cuidado Puchy y despacito, tu historia esta muy simpática.

  8. Gracias a todos por sus comentarios y Chila, que pena me da leer tu noticia, con la ayuda de Dios te deseo una rápida recuperación. Precisamente por esta razón y porque no es fácil para mí reconocer mis límites, decidí contratar un trainer, Best idea I ever had, he makes me work hard while keeping the correct posture, but he also knows when he can push for another set, or I’m done for the day.

  9. Mariana Monteagudo

    Gracias Puchy , yo tambien espero que sea rapida.

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