Fiscal Cliff Deal Only Whetted Obama’s Appetite For More Taxes



Taxes: Anyone who thinks the fiscal cliff deal will end President Obama’s soak-the-rich campaign isn’t paying attention. Even before the ink had dried on his $620 billion tax hike, Obama was talking up his desire for more.

Obama hinted at this on Sunday on “Meet the Press,” when he told David Gregory that “you are not only going to cut your way to prosperity” and that “one of the fallacies” was that “deficit reduction is only a matter of cutting programs.”

But as the fiscal cliff agreement looked increasingly likely, Obama started talking more specifically about additional tax hikes. On Monday, he told a White House rally that “revenues have to be part of the equation in turning off the sequester.”

Translation: If Republicans want to prevent devastating defense cuts from automatically kicking in two months from now, they’ll have to choke down another round of tax hikes.

And he made it clear any future deficit cuts will have to include still more new taxes. “If Republicans think that I will finish the job of deficit reduction through spending cuts alone,” he said, “then they’ve got another thing coming.”

The Western Center for Journalism

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3 Respuestas a “Fiscal Cliff Deal Only Whetted Obama’s Appetite For More Taxes

  1. Puchy Guaty Lotz

    Obama’s thirst for tax increases and inflicting pain to those that work hard and are successful will never stop; formerly a community organizer with a mind-set on redistribution of wealth to right the wrongs of an ingrate society who’s numerous offenses goes back to the dawn of time… no, there is no going back. Obama ignores Separation of Powers and rules thru administrative offices to bypass Congress, making a mockery of our Constitution, while the Supreme Court Justices go out of their way to find a reason and even changed words like, “tax vs. penalty on the Health Care Law” solely for ruling the program Constitutional. It’s not the Justices job to change words; their job is to read and to rule on the Constitutionality of a case as it’s presented to them, and not to find alternative wordings to its original message to make it so. All I have to say is that our country is going to hell… and we are just about ready to lose the hand basket.

  2. As Europe’s economy is in shambles, Obama is trying to install their socialism in the USA.
    God protects and bless America.

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