Protester at Pope’s mass in Cuba identified

By Alexandra Leon


¡ABAJO EL COMUNISMO! The man who shouted anti-government slogans during Pope Benedict XVI’s mass in Santiago de Cuba has been identified.

According to, a U.S.-based hotline where Cubans can call and report dissident detainment, Alfonso Chaviano Peláez called in and reported the protestor is Andres Carrion Alvarez, a 38-year-old Santiago local.

Just before Monday’s mass began at Antonio Maceo Square, Alvarez yelled “Down with the Revolution! Down with the dictatorship!” near a group of journalists.

Security immediately took him away, and video shows him being hit by what seems like a first aid worker.

Peláez said he was still being detained at in Santiago as of Friday morning.

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Una respuesta a “Protester at Pope’s mass in Cuba identified

  1. María del Carmen Expósito

    Andrés Carrión Alvarez is a courageous young man who dared to condemn the regime in front of the 300,000 at the square who lack what Carrión has. For one reason or another he chose to shout the truth before the Pope was in the altar although the reaction of the thugs would have been the same but al least he would have been heard by the majority of the people. He is our hero and our prayers are with him

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