“Tidings of the Season”

“Tidings of the Season” 

 As we go thru our early years we have this devil may care attitude, we are full of life, feel pretty sure of ourselves and even feel invincible.

We will live forever, not us, not now.  We hold on to the sweetness of living and all the wonders that surround us. We know it will happen, but not now.

As the years pass, we become aware of mortality, most of the time because we have lost someone we knew, someone close to us, or someone very dear to us.  Some of them were acquaintances, older and distant relatives. Some losses were too close for comfort others took our breath away and broke our hearts forever.  All of these losses, even those that were expected came as a shock.  We just didn’t think it would be today; we needed another day, another hug.

 So I say to all of you, there is no better joy, no safer place than family and good friends. Hold your children close, tell them you love them and how very proud you are of them and do it often. Look at your better half and show him or her, love, respect and kindness. Never forget to tell them how important they are to you and the happiness they bring to your life. Don’t wait; there is no time like the present.

 So, during this very special Christmas Season, Let’s take from the words our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ left behind.  Let’s show each other that we have learned from his life example, that the lessons were not forgotten, that the years have made us wiser and lastly, that his sacrifice was not in vain and our hearts rejoice with his birth, his resurrection and his love for us all.  

 Hold dear to our Christian beliefs, values and traditions, it’s our Saviors’ birthday; it’s a Manger, it’s a Christmas tree. Do not be passive, shout at the top of your voice for all to hear that we were founded on Judea Christian values, we exists, but by the love and grace of God and we are proud of this and are not afraid to show it, political correctness has never been shown to any of us.  So shout for all to hear the good tidings of the season and wish one and all a Very Merry Christmas!   

 Puchy Guaty Lotz

~December 1, 2009 


 Seville Baroque school of painting.

4 Respuestas a ““Tidings of the Season”

  1. Chila Monteagudo

    Precioso Puchy! Permiteme unirme a tus bellos pensamientos para tambien desearles a todos unas felices Navidades . Con mucho carino.

  2. O – how very very beautiful, it certainly expresses what many of have in our hearts, but can’t find the words to express our sentiments…. you do it so eloquently. Thank you for sharing… May your Christmas be filled with many Blessings and the New Year full of Hope, Joy, Health and much Happiness.

    With Love,


  3. Good job Mami!

    I love you!


  4. Tere Guaty DeWitt

    Dear Sister. What a beautiful Christmas wish.
    That is the real meaning of Christmas, no who gets the bigger and must expensive gift, but the celebration of the birth of Christ.
    I feel so bless to be part of our great family, and feel the love that always surround us. That is what I wish to all my family and friends, the joy of love and peace.

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